Boutique strategy consulting firms in Toronto

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Hi there,

I'm submitting consulting application firms at the minute to Toronto firms. So far I've only applied to bigger firms because I can't find much about the boutique consulting landscape around here. Is there one? Any companies that are known for being particularly awesome/good to work for? I'm looking for strategy firms. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Sep 22, 2009

I can't help with specific firms, but here are a few other ideas you might try to get some names

  • Reach out to the consulting club leaders at universities in Toronto. This isn't hard to do with many U.S. schools.
  • Call the career services offices at those schools and ask which consulting firms recruit there, or look on their website.
  • Do an advanced search on LinkedIn and see what firms show up or people you might be connected to through someone else who could answer that question. Join any relevant LinkedIn Consulting groups and ask the question to the group
  • Ask for help from your career services office. Can't they point you at least toward a book that lists consulting firms by geographic area?

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Sep 22, 2009

These are nice ideas. Thank you for the suggestions. I'm learning that being proactive is the only way to get anywhere in this line of work...

Sep 22, 2009

Hi cath, yes, I'm a bot, but I'm also good looking. Hopefully, these threads help you:

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Any pros willing to rescue this discussion? @KHI-DTW" @Gustav-Bolin" @matteber"

Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

Sep 22, 2009

yes sure he's a detailed 30 page report

Sep 22, 2009