Boutique Summer Analyst Seeking Transition to Consulting

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I am about to finish a summer internship at a Boutique Ibank.

I think its been a god damn waste of time and I want to start using my brain and actually doing challenging work.

I have heard that consultants are biased against people with banking internships. I also have a pretty mediocre GPA (3.4) but am a double major in business & statistics at a target (I think? but not an Ivy league)

I guess I'm worried that I will get screened out of the resume portion of recruiting for consulting internships (NOT full-time) as I am re recruiting for junior year internships


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Aug 6, 2012

if you think banking was a "god damn waste of time" and you want to actually start using your "brain" and do "challenging work" by applying to consulting, you got another thing coming kid.

you either know you're at a target or you don't, which in this case, you aren't.

Aug 6, 2012

i don't know if it's just me, but i haven't had luck with consulting firms after having 2 previous banking internships on my resume. I straight up haven't gotten interviews for most, and when I do they always make some comment about my banking background. I don't particularly care since I want to do banking, but if your heard is set on consulting, I would diversify that resume fast.

Aug 6, 2012

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