BP & Shell Summer Internship feedback and exit opps

Hey monkeys,

Looking for feedback from previous interns at these firms regarding:

  • transition towards full-time offer
  • place of work (am assuming Houston or SF)
  • salary (intern and FT)
  • actual content of the internship
  • how long before you start trading
  • exit opps (looking to work at a HF long term)


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Jul 16, 2018 - 1:08pm

Interned at one of the mentioned companies and now FT:

  • In my class 6 (2 trading, 2 M&O, 2 Analytics) out of the 14 interns received full time offers into the development program.
    -Place of Work: HOU
    -Intern Salary ~ pro-rate 60K I believe plus a generous relocation
    FT Salary ~70k, plus signing bonus, plus year end bonus, plus generous relocation
    Content of Internship: Generally two large projects that help your team out that you work on for a few months plus ad hoc work
    Trading: 3- one year rotations, then take a test at the end and hope a trading seat is open or they make one for you
    Exit Opps: Trading somewhere else
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Dec 26, 2019 - 11:52pm

No worries on exit opps from BP or Shell they're highly regarded. Note, at BP it is a 3-year rotation for the opportunity to be considered for a trading role. You still need to pass a test and compete for an open trader spot, if there is an opening.

Nov 20, 2021 - 5:45pm

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