Brandeis IBS vs. Tulane Freeman - MS Finance

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Hey guys,

I've got offers from Brandeis IBS ($40k scholarship) and Tulane Freeman (No schollarship) for MS Finance.
Which one would you recommend based on my profile:
-international student with a U.K. undergrad (Maths & Econ)
-will need a visa sponsorship (both programs are STEM eligible, so it's more about which uni has better network/industry connections)
-want to get into sell-side (IBD or Corporate finance boutique or bulge bracket - size doesn't matter)
-Quite open in terms of geographical placement (don't mind being in east or south)

I am aware that Brandeis & Tulane are not Tier 1, so I will need to grind hard in terms of networking/securing an internship.

Also, I've heard that Brandeis is a tiny bit better than Tulane but also much harder to score top of the class (apparently that's a major thing in states)

Thanks a lot in advance for any recommendations/suggestions!

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Jan 7, 2019