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Jul 29, 2010


-I feel we're already seeing some mainstream innovations (the Tata Nano, the $35 laptop, etc.) coming out of India that we're not necessarily seeing from Brazil.
-They have a much larger workforce and much of it is English-speaking. Furthermore, there is cutthroat competition at the University level.
-I see more Indians (born/raised/educated in India) contributing to the major global firms than I see Brazilians (albeit this might be due to population). I do think this suggests they're creating stronger candidates in the global marketplace.
-I saw Slumdog Millionaire and damn, them Indian people be hustlin'.

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Jul 29, 2010

-1 argentina +1 brazil +2 india -2 pakistan

Jul 29, 2010

India. Enormous population with the potential to create an enormous middle class full of happy consumers. Its elite schools produce many top notch graduates, and it is a leader in services. Not to mention they speak English. One advantage Brazil has is a nice mix of commodities (ag, energy, etc). These can be helpful for a growing population that is moving towards a consumer culture more as well. We need to watch the political scene in Brazil as well. I know the DaSilva is currently president but we will need to see if his successor will continue the country in the same direction. These two economies are very different (different population, different resources, etc) so its difficult to compare, but I think I'd go with India because the political environment is more stable in that country (at least from what I read in FT, FP, etc)

Jul 29, 2010

I'm going to have to go with Brazil. Using language as a way to determine if a country is going to do well isn't always the best data point. China is an example. However, all the other reasons why India is doing well and most likely going to continue to do well are valid.

Overall I think Brazil will be more stable and a better long term investment. All of South America shares a similar background: colonized by people from the Iberian Peninsula, very similar languages, religion, and lifestyles. Granted, South America has a tendency to get some nut jobs in high places, I think this is changing. The middle class is growing in Brazil. Brazil has a high literacy rate and, overall, a more educated population; it's hard to educate over a billion people in India. Brazil is also working on developing a better infrastructure.

Brazil is by far the strongest economic power in South America. Their natural resources will promote continued growth, as already stated. The fact that they're one of the countries closest to the Amazon could also prove beneficial in the future, if they don't burn it all down first. Many of the advances in pharmaceuticals have come from discoveries in the Amazon. As Brazil becomes more technologically advanced they'll start contributing more in this area. Although the jury is still out on this one, Brazil has done a lot to cut its dependence on foreign oil by using Ethanol. India is ahead of Brazil in the sciences, but Brazil has a good chance of catching up.

My main worry about India is not what it lacks. It's an amazing country that's doing well. I worry about what India has to deal with. They are surrounded by some crazy stuff; Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, and Iran. Also, Russia isn't too far away. The US didn't help India with our little foray into the Middle East. Now Pakistan, India's on-and-off-again enemy, is swarming with Taliban. China is biding its time; the old imperialist zeal doesn't die easy. Iran gives the region a nice healthy dose of radical Islam, and well, Russia is Russia. India will have to deal with all of this in the coming years. It most likely isn't going to be pleasant.

Brazil has the best chance of playing well with its neighbors, thus creating a better long term environment for growth. Brazil and its neighbors don't want to see each other wiped off the face of the earth, sure they have disagreements but it is usually more of a lover's quarrel. Let's face it Latinos make better lovers than fighters. I think the Brazilians have the desire to succeed and be taken seriously. Like I said, my main concern is what India has to deal with. For that reason I'm going with Brazil.

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Jul 29, 2010

From an investment standpoint, India. From a wow-please-stop-trying-to-speak-English-my-ears-are-bleeding standpoint: also India.

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Sep 4, 2010