Break into EU IB

My current CV:
4th semester @ a German Target (Mannheim, WHU) GPA: 3.0 (top 30%)
Internships: Corp Dev. Healthcare, T3 M&A (think Commerzbank etc.) and BDO TAS/M&A this summer

I also have an offer for an T2 intership in January (think Macquarie, BNP), but i wonder if there is a chance of getting into an offcycle program at BB/EB for January with my current CV? Or should I only go for SA 2020 opportunities?

Interested in LDN and FFM

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May 14, 2019

SA 2020 will open soon so look out for that, but there are some off-cycles around too. It should be pretty easy to find but I can get you started with a couple such as Jefferies in Frankfurt, BDA Partners in London and Evercore in Frankfurt. Your profile isn't bad; it's worth taking a shot and applying.

May 15, 2019

thank you


May 14, 2019