Break into Investment Banking as an International (Morocco), Junior Non-Target University ?

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Hey Monkeys! I am new to the WSO and excited to start this discussion!

As mentioned in the title, I am a Junior from Morocco. My concentration is Finance with a minor in Computer Sciences. I want to break into IBD so bad! Therefore, I want to analyze my situation, which is obvisouly a tough one :D
I read dozens of articles, if not hundreds, about Breaking into IB. It says it's extremely difficult for students from NT schools. So I am wondering how more difficult is it for an international (living in another country).

I need to get a Summer Analyst internship next summer in London, BUT:
I don't know if I need to network for it.
I am also wondering how efficient is the online application.
Also, how can I make sure to network with the Analysts who will screen my CV.

Another questions is: How sexy is a MSF from a Target Uni like LSE?

Excited to read all your answers :D


The Chimp BM007!

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Jul 31,2017

Welcome BM007,

Firstly, you 10000% need to network in order to get a SA internship next summer. Try to find people at firms that you want to intern at and cold email them and try to get your foot in the door that way. You can make sure the analysts will screen your CV by getting in contact with them by again, cold email. Furthermore, a MSF from a school like LSE is great because of the alumni and prestige of the school. Also, have you thought about diversity programs?

Good Luck, hope you make it to the other side.

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Jul 31,2017