Break into Private Banking in Zurch

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Hi all,

I come from corporate & IBD M&A background in Asia(around 5 years of experience in total), but I realize I want to transit into more client facing roles such as private banking relationship management. I personally do not enjoy the work of pure analyzing at desks and want to do more sales/client facing jobs and private banking is growing tremendously.

My finance's firm is going to relocate him to Zurich so we would be moving in a few months. I figured I could try to do a career transit using this opportunity. I understand that Geneva probably is bigger in wealth management but how can I find a way into private banking for wealthy Asians in Zurich?

I looked up jobs online on Linkedin but not many posts were found.

P.S. I am native in Mandarin. I would require a firm to sponsor my work visa, will be receiving resident/work permit upon marriage.


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Sep 17, 2018