break through the walls of asset management


so I am stuck and really need some advice/constructive criticism.

may 2010 undegrad non target graduate
major- math and econ
major gpa - 3.3
overall - 3.1 (freshman year hurt me, upper level classes are high grades)
status - non-us citizen (on OPT, aka can work till may 2012) - no urgent need for sponsorship
internships: wealth management (Smith Barney), non-profit (South Africa), DCM in London
extracurricular: student government executive, projects for college trustees, and etc

I knew it is going to be hard to be an international and work in the US, so in the begining of senior year started networking with alumni, went through a lot of them. None really got me through anywhere. Settled for an internship with a small finance company (foreign bank - very well recognized in Europe), but i am with their accounting/controlling dept. The company is small, so I get to help out the credit analysts. Doing work on both FO and BO

I am still on a look-out for positions in Asset Management, but I am not sure if my background prevents me from entering it now. Any advice on what I can do to break into AM or IB?

thanks in advance

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