Breaking down Consulting

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Hey guys,
First off, to give you a bit of a background about me, I will be applying for college soon and am thus currently exploring my job options in the future. In particular, I really like computer science and do a lot of extracurriculars related to it, and will most likely end up majoring in it.

Although I am definitely thinking about pursuing something like software development/engineering in the future, I am also considering going into some sort of management/business oriented position as an alternative, as I generally do enjoy business and also do a lot of public speaking type activities.

Recently, I have been reading about consulting jobs, but was a bit confused as to what exactly they entailed. From my research so far, I have understood that there are a lot of different types of consulting jobs of which management consulting is quite popular. I have also read about IT consulting which seems quite interesting to me.

Could you guys go over in more detail what the differences between the types of consulting jobs are and what I should major in to possibly pursue one of those jobs?

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Jan 4, 2019