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Hi everyone,

I'm a young entrepreneurial 21 year old that is going into my junior year of college and I'm breaking into CRE brokerage. I'm pretty gun-ho on brokerage and I haven't really thought of going down any other path in CRE, but I definitely have opportunities to do so.

I'm fortunate enough to have family and friends in the business, which is a huge advantage towards breaking in for me. It would be very tough if I didn't have this and I admire people that do well with very few to no connections.

Getting down to it- because of my connections, I have a lot of options that I can pursue. I'm in the process of figuring out where I want to intern next summer (2019). I live in Orange County and will either be working in Irvine or Ontario. I prefer to work in Irvine, but I've also talked to people in San Diego and LA, which is still in the air for me.
Question 1) Should I stay within my roots, which would be Orange County area or try San Diego or LA?

My Dad is an owner and VP of field operations at a large company that specializes in construction contracting, but has done developments as well. Question
2) Should work under a broker that is in office or industrial because of my dad and the connections he has?

Question 3) I'm a finance major and I like the investment side of it as well. Should I look into capital markets, and can you provide me some info what the process of working in this sector is like?
Question 4) Should I look into tenant rep and can you give me the process of this.
Question 5) Companies I'm talking to are Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE, Savills Studley, Cresa, Hughes Marino, Voit, The Reef Group and Marcus & Millichap. If you have some knowledge about the internship process at these it would be greatly appreciated. I met the managing principal at Cushman & Wakefield and I think I liked their process the most. I want to see what you guys think about each ones process:)

Question 6) Last question, What is your compensation for the beginning of your career.
year 1:ex) $xx,xxxx
year 2:ex) $xx,xxxx
Year 3:ex) $xx,xxxx
Industry: ex) Office and Industrial
Where your located: ex) Irvine

**Even if you answer one question, I would be very grateful! Hope you all are doing great and I wish you the best in your careers***THANKS AGAIN!!!

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Aug 3, 2018


Aug 3, 2018

Freddie Mac has office in Irvine and downtown, be a producer at Freddie Mac is pretty similar to broker
And you will probably be in charge of Irvine Co. if you work in Freddie Mac's Irvine office....which means billions of business every year

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Aug 3, 2018
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