Female here from target school in the UK. If you have the natural personality traits of someone in either trading or investing (more logical than emotional, analytical, calm under pressure, objective, decisive), how can you break in? Any interview tips? I read a guide about AM and realized I'm a good fit for the culture there. I got a 2nd year unpaid internship in a prop firm in London and while trying to break into S&T at BB during my 3rd year, they told me to go to Asset Management instead, so I didn't manage to get a 3rd year summer internship. (Also I needed a Visa)

Any advice?

My job choices are as follows:
- asset management
- trading - either market making or prop trading - i'm open to any asset class

Realistically I don't expect to land many offers from hedge funds although that is my ultimate goal, as with many other undergrads out there.

In my interview when they ask what asset class I trade/invest, what is a good answer? I often trade industry X with intermediate level skill and knowledge. However, would that come across as "too specialized" and limit my career choices? If I give a vague answer (eg: I invest and trade in all asset classes), would that come off as too unfocused?

Are females also negatively stereotyped against in finance (think with their hearts, too patient), if that is the case, how do you prove that you are the exception to the rule in order to stand out from the other female applicants?

Thank you in advance!

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