Breaking into Analyst role from operations?

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Quick bio:
28 yrs old
BS from non/semi-target in Business Admin
MBA from same w/concentration in Real Estate
2 yrs semi-analysis related job (CDO trustee)
2-3 yrs Client administration/ Operations

Certs: CAIA, and currently studying for L1 CFA

The bad:
3.1 GPA (I wish I could do it all over again)

Question: What's the likelihood I can break into an Equity/IB Analyst/Valuation/RE analyst type role in Chicago? Additionally, are there any good analyst development programs in Chicago that I would have a shot at, given my age and MBA? (I wouldn't mind doing a program designed for fresh college grads, but I'm not sure I would be seen as overqualified/not applicable)

I would love to be a PE/HF/etc analyst working largely with quantitative and fundamentals, but I'm not sure if my credentials are more of a hindrance than a ladder (I feel like I've pigeonholed myself into Operations the last 3 years.) I'm not aiming for some BB Grade-A analyst position, but I would certainly be happy to simply be doing equity research or corporate valuation, even with a boutique.