BREAKING INTO BANKING- Non-traditional candidate

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I graduated Spring '17 from a non-target in the SEC (think Bama/LSU/Auburn) with a good GPA. No IB experience, but I did start and sell a VOIP company in undergrad which is a bit of a differentiator. I currently work for a BB in the wealth management division in the SF bay area, and I am hungry and determined to crack into banking. WM would be a predictable, lucrative career, but it's really not that interesting.

In preparation for an opportunity, I have been self studying modeling through WSP and BIWS, as well as the interview guides. I understand that most upcoming analyst openings have most-likely been filled with previous summer interns, but I am actively looking for opportunities and am willing to prove myself with an internship-though I know off-cycle internships are rare. Humility is not lost on me, but I know my work is cut out for me even with that.

I've been working on my network and staying in front of some associates/VPs here in the bay area, and actually have a BB MD that overheard me talking to a friend in a coffee shop about breaking in and wound up giving me his card to chat next week. Also took on email-blasting some alumni in Houston O&G and got a few responses that are going to parlay into some "informational interviews" in the near term. Any pointers on other strategies?

Any advice on how to turn these contacts into an opportunity to prove myself? Or, better yet, any idea on a better strategy to work my way in?

Hoping that casting a wide net and networking will position me to land a spot at an interview table once SAs shop offers and drop.



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Sep 16, 2018