Breaking into MC

Hi ! I was wondering what do you guys think about my chances of breaking into MBB, given the following information.
I am studying economics at a leading Dutch university, currently in the fourth year, as I do still have to pass some subjects and opted to take an internship (not at a big multinational,at a local firm,but as a financial analyst). My grades are average ( 7 out of 10). As for my extracurriculars I am member of my university's publisher and have written a book about EU's diminishing power as a global military/politic/economic and ideological power .Furthermore, I am the founder(and the only member) of a charity that has so far Raised 50,000 Eur in less than a year. I do not speak Dutch but I am fluent in an East-European language. I should mention that I desire to get hired in a Dutch office of a consulting firm.Please let me know your opinion and more importantly what can I do to improve my chances ! Thanks !

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Jun 27, 2020