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I am seeking good advice on how to break into Private Equity in Canada. I've read about 8 different articles here on the same topic, so I understood good basics about the topic and how to reach my goal. However, I am trying to find a piece of specialized advice so allow me to share my bio with you. I am a civil engineering graduate from Egypt who always had the passion to finance and almost zero passion for engineering, so my GPA in Engineering is total trash, around 71%.

By my senior year, I decided to undertake CFA level 1, so I did and passed with my grades being almost within the top 10% worldwide. I was able to spin off my story and land job in Corporate Finance where I learned and worked in capital budgeting and rationing, Then I was able to land a job in Asset Management and spent almost a year there till I was able to land my current job now in a top national private equity firm as junior Private Equity analyst. Since I wanted to Join the PE scene in Canada I found that I need to have top national credentials from Canada to have a chance of being recruited on or off-campus.

I was able to land a spot on the Queen's MFin program, which is supposedly one of the best reputed ones, correct me if I am wrong. Which will start in June 2020 and finish my May 2021, so here is my plan. I want to finish CFA level 2 During my MFin program, and since I am so into Alternative Investment I am planning to tackle the CAIA at the same time through efficient time management in addition to gaining some Canadian experience through the student-managed fund in Queen's. I have above-average financial modeling skills and currently learning Python and finish CFA level 3 by June 2022.

I know the competition is through the roof in Canada and I don't have the most competitive application due to my emerging market experience, which they will discount to almost zero and low undergrad GPA, that's why I am trying to learn as much as possible and gain as much experience as possible, while using a decent MFin program to slightly cover up my undergrad and position me competitively in the market.

What's the best-detailed route to reach my goal? Should I seek Investment banking for a year or two first? If so, whats the most efficient way that may guarantee someone with my current stats to be able to land a spot at a top investment bank there and what exactly should I do? Or should I seek an internship/ rotational program in place like CPPIB in it's PE department?

I am sorry for the long discussion! I genuinely need and appreciate the help!


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