Breaking into Real Estate

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Hi Guys,

So I need advice a little bit as I am sort of at a crossroads in my life/career path. So to give you guys some background, I am a junior at a large state university with a top undergrad business school which I am not a part of (couldn't get in). My GPA is definitely not great (although this was partially due to things going on in my life these past two years), and I'm hoping to/should be able to move it into the low 3s before graduation.

I've had years of great internship experience (5 internships with good marks), however this experience has been in a three different, yet similar industries (albeit at fairly high levels within those respective industries). Recently, after doing some thinking about where my career was heading, I've decided I'm interested in getting into commercial real estate, with the hope of one day investing in commercial real estate (i.e. being part of a group that does so).

Given my background and my lack of experience/expertise in finance, what would you guys recommend is the best way to work towards this goal both for this upcoming summer and for the next few years? Would it be best to try to become a broker and seeing what exit opportunities are present there? Thanks!

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Oct 29, 2018