Breaking into T2 strategy consulting firms from non-target school

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I go to Boston University, majoring in finance and accounting. My GPA is a 3.85 (Top 3% of my class) and am a rising senior. I worked at Pioneer Investments my Freshman summer, Reserve Bank of India my Sophomore summer, and PwC (Assurance) my junior year summer. I recently got in touch with a friend's dad (A principal in charge of a national service line) and he/she got me into the interview process for Deloitte S&O. The recruiters got back to me and said I would be a very competitive applicant. I have studied extremely hard for these interviews. Already have 40 live cases under my belt and have just started preparing for the behavioral portion. My interviews are in September. Finally, I also have an offer for Assurance as a back up from PwC.

1) Given all the preparation I have done, I would like to also apply to other firms in the event I do not land Deloitte S&O. I would love some guidance from you monkeys on which firms (ie ATK/LEK/Accenture) to apply to given my circumstances and how to go about applying - I find it very difficult given their sites to find the correct place to apply.

2) Furthermore, I would love to apply to PwC's Strategy& given I already worked there over the Summer. When I asked my recruiter she said she wasn't sure if they'd be able to consider me. Should I tell her I am being considered for Deloitte S&O in order to show I am a competitive applicant or is this a bad idea for a couple potential reasons?

Thanks so much in advance

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Aug 24, 2017

You should be reaching out ASAP to the relevant alums at Accenture/LEK/PwC (BUCG) in regards to your interest. Look into OW as they recently posted on CL.

Aug 24, 2017

Thank you so much for your speedy response. What exactly is the best way to reach out to alums?

Aug 24, 2017

if you're in BUCG its a matter of asking people in the club for an intro. linkedin searches into emails work as well

Aug 24, 2017