Breaking into Wall Street vs. Wall Street Prep

Hey all,

Wanted to ask everyone what their experience with BIWS/WSP was.
BIWS: $499
WSP: $424 (With a discount code oasis15)

Ignoring the price, which website/training course has better quality? I've read that BIWS is sometimes too basic and WSP is better in terms of content.

Also, I'm most likely going to be splitting this with a buddy. Does anyone know which one of them can be accessed via multiple accounts?

Love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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Jul 26, 2016

I used WSP and landed an analyst position at a regional boutique from F100 Corp Fin. Its a good to sharpen up for interviews and to reference while working. You will always have it around so when you want to lateral or go to the buy side it will be a good reference.

Jul 26, 2016

Using BIWS FIG course right now. Definitely worth the money. I can't speak to Wall St Prep though.

Nov 8, 2016

I am about to purchase the BIWS Excel and Fundamentals as well. Having read, that it contains of 300+ videos. Is that true? Therefore I am unsure if it is realistic to work through all of it, as it is not just watching videos, but learning the underlying concepts etc.