Breaking Into Wall Street - Work experience required?

What kind of work experience is required to work in Buy Side Equities Research after MBA from a top US B-School like H/S/W? I finally want to make a transition towards either of HF or AM after 8-10 years in ER in the US.

My background- I am an undergrad student from India. I study in one of the target schools(top 5) in the country(think IIT/BITS Pilani, etc). I am Majoring with MSc. in Economics and BE in Comp Science(Dual). A guy from my college got into HBS 2+2 last year and he is one of the ONLY 2 people from ASIA, the other being a girl from Hong Kong!! Anyways what I mean to say by that is I know I can reach H/S/W if I give it my best shot, here from India. Also I am CFA level 1. Will give the rest as soon as I can. Its really easy actually. I mean for us in India atleast because we have some REALLY difficult exams here like IITJEE and CAT. I should pass L3 in two years time MAX.

Ideally I want to get a job in Singapore/India and work for 3-4 years before applying for MBA in US. Morgan Stanley Capital Investments, Barra Quantitative Equities Research recruits from our college. Is that a good choice? Can I use my trading experience and Portfolio to make it seem like relevant experience?

Not many Indians that I know have managed to break into Wall Street. Can anyone guide me through the best possible route towards achieving this?
My career path(probable) is :

undergrad in eco + Comp sci-----> Work for 3-4 years in Finance------>Get CFA charter----->MBA from target school in US----->Break into wall street

Any suggestion is more than welcome...


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Mar 27, 2012 - 12:05pm

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