Brexit white paper: what do you guys think?

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You guys should know that the Brexit white paper is out.

I've been taking a look, and it seems really... weird.

Your thoughts?

How the hell is possible to separate goods from services?
Thus, is not a condition a vassal state for the UK?

Also read this:
No "Singapore on-thames" is coming?


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Jul 13, 2018

I guess some financial services will face problems, depending on what exactly the other EU members will have to say.
- i.e. a credit card issuer based in the UK that is selling cards into the other EU27 right now might have to seek agreements with the member countries (just an example for a financial service).
- A "service provider" with a UK license might have to apply for a EU wide application of their service

Overall not a great position to be in, but let's see what the wider EU feedback will be.

Jul 13, 2018

I am against Brexit tbh, but the deal on the table is worse than Brexit as de facto force us to be rule takers in the goods sectors and shuts down the service sector which is 2 timers larger than the goods one.. Rule takers withouth having a say: lose of sovereignty = vassal state.

At this time, no deal Brexit is 100% better. In this case no deal means making the kind of preparations that will keep Britain flourishing through any disruption: cuts in taxes, removal of regulations, openness to global business

But is a GREAT challenge

Mutual recognition would have been better for services, to say the least

Jul 13, 2018

I find that the produced document doesn't carry much detail, despite the two years it was in the making. English is a beautiful language, but if you are creating a legal or binding document there needs to be enough meat on the bone to make it clear for everyone.
The way it stands right now a lot of key decision makers can interpret the meaning in many different ways. And I don't believe those folks would have an actual detailed understanding of the financial economy anyway...

Jul 13, 2018

For anyone looking;
Is there an economic report too?

Jul 13, 2018