Bringing own computer setup to trading floor

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I've just secured an SA position in S&T and I'm excited to finally put my skills in to practice.
I don't have professional experience in trading yet, but I'm assured that I will be able to ace the internship with my burning ambition and the transferrable skills I've learned from the MOBA and FPS games that I'm playing at a professional level.
The games that I play require extreme precision and I have therefore acquired a top quality gaming setup. I know that trading also is a fast paced environment, and I'm therefore considering to bring this setup with me to show dedication and ensure that I can outperform immidiately from day one onwards. My thoughts are the following;
In order to avoid fat fingers and enable quick keyboard shortcuts, I could bring my Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM keyboard. It has additional function keys and USB ports that might be of use.
Building PowerPoint presentations requires speed and precision much like FPS games, and I'm thinking that my Razer Deathadder Elite (awarded best gaming mouse 2018) would be perfect for this use. In addition to it's mint look, it also has programmable shortcut keys.
For tuning in to conference calls or for listening to some heavy metal when burning that midnight oil, I'll bring my HyperX Cloud Flight headset.
It probably is not worth the effort for a SA program, but if I am to get a FT offer, I will bring my Homall Bucket Seat High-Back Gaming Chair, since I want to be comfortable while working and avoid eventual back problems that can arise from the long hours.
What are your thoughts on bringing your own setup to work? I see a lot of synergies that can arise from being well equipped on the job. In case you have brought your own gear to the office, please list your setup and how it has helped you.

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Jan 4, 2019

Honestly I assume this is a joke post, but just in case it's not I will attempt to answer seriously.

As an intern, don't do any of that. As a full time after a few month, sure, feel free to use whatever mouse and keyboard you want. Lots of people replace their keyboard/mouse with whatever they want. I wouldn't recommend being the annoying person with a loud mechanical keyboard though. If there's any ergonomic issues with your chair your workplace will handle it.

Jan 6, 2019

Dude shut the fuck up.. I'm drunk right now and I'm fucking annoyed at this post

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Jan 6, 2019

Similarly, I know you are probably joking, but the cyber-security risk posed to a firm by having an intern plug their "quality gaming setup" into their network is ridiculous.

Jan 12, 2019