Building Multiple Data Tables in Excel

So my boss is looking for a Returns Matrix that shows Project Level Returns (Profit and LIRR) and two separate Waterfall Scenario Returns (LP Profit, LP LIRR, GP Promote) all side by side within one table with the exit cap as the only variable. He wants it to be dynamic so it all flows through by simply adjusting the exit cap on our assumptions tab. Couple questions for those of you that consider yourselves Data Table experts.

1) Is the above even possible to show in one singular matrix? Is a Data Table/s the right approach?

2) If so, would you have to create multiple data tables and then maybe create a separate table that looks up values from each respective data table?

3) Does anyone have solid Data Table resources , tips, video tutorials they'd recommend?

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Sep 9, 2021 - 5:00pm

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