Bulge Bracket Investment Banking Financial Model

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Hey fellow primates

I've noticed that there seems to be a lack of 'real' investment banking models on the web. You get alot of tutorials, which seem great, though i've never tried them, and a few free models here and there but nothing that's really used on a professional basis. There are numerous threads on WSO that's asking for this and while free is good, its really not a good use of anyone's time to sit for hours coding / figuring this out.

So here it is: we recently launched a new site called Investment Banking Models (dot com) and are running a 50% christmas promotion to WSO readers for the first 30 days. You can enter the code: 6QMEYNS9LZXH on the last page of the checkout process.

So what is this model? Its a 25 tab integrated financial model that allows users to run DCF, LBO, EVA, Comp, High Yield Capacity and complex scenario analysis all in one. Includes:

Summary Page
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Key Operating Assumptions
CapEx & Depreciation Schedule
Amortization Schedule
Debt Summary - Assumptions
Debt - Revolver/New Financing to Debt 4
Debt - Debt 5 to Debt 9
Debt - Debt 10 to Debt 14
Debt - Debt 15 to Debt 19
Mandatory Debt Repay Schedule
Interest Expense Schedule
Discretionary Debt Schedule
Convertible Debt Schedule
Preferred Schedule
Convertible Preferred Schedule
Options Schedule
Shares Outstanding
Tax Schedule
Firm Value
Discounted Cash Flow
Comparable Company Analysis
precedent transactions Analysis
Valuation Summary
Economic Value Added Analysis
LBO Summary Page
LBO Return Analysis
LBO Income Statement
LBO Balance Sheet Adjustments
LBO Balance Sheet
LBO Cash Flows
LBO Debt Schedule
LBO Debt Schedule B
LBO Tax Schedule
LBO Return Calculation
LBO Return Calculation B
LBO Diluted Shares Calculation
High Yield Transaction Overview
High Yield Income Statements
High Yield Balance Sheets
High Yield Cash Flow Statements
High Yield Financing Assumptions
High Yield Net PP&E and Depr. Schedule
High Yield Return Analysis
LTM Calculation - Income Statement
LTM Calculation - Balance Sheet

Happy Holidays!

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Jan 21, 2015