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I have been offered a direct admission into the Kelley School of Business and I also have been accepted at University of Wisconsin, Madison where I intend to take up Business Management.

My specific doubts are :
1) On a general note, which business program is better between the two ?

2) I already have a direct admission into the Kelley School of Business but in Wisconsin, the college might give it to me depending on my performance in college. What are the chances of not getting Business Management Major in Wisconsin after admission ? Is it safer then to accept Kelly as a bird in hand is worth two in the bush ?

3) I wish to take Computer science as a Minor. Would that influence the choice of college ?

Am very confused regarding the above. Please help !!!!

Sahil Agarwal

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Apr 17, 2018


Go to Kelley. I'm the founder and editor of PoetsandQuantsforUndergrads, the only website that covers leading undergraduate business schools (you can check out our latest rankings and alumni survey results at the website). I consider this is a no-brainer decision. Indiana University takes business education very seriously and has the superior undergraduate and graduate programs in business. Our latest ranking of undergraduate business schools shows IU in sixth place, while Wisconsin is 30th. That is a big and substantial difference, and it reflects on every aspect of the business school experience, from the quality of the students and the faculty, to the innovation in the curriculum, and to job outcomes.

We rank undergraduate programs on three critical criteria: Admissions standards, the actual academic and co-curricular experience, and career outcomes. IU beats Wisconsin on every single dimension, and by a big margin. Kelley, is second in terms of career outcomes (Wisconsin is 42nd); Kelley is third in the academic experience of its graduates (Wisconsin is 34th). And Kelley is 21st in admission standards (Wisconsin is 38th).

Plus, the big difference is Kelley is a direct admit program and Wisconsin is not. You could go to Wisconsin and never have the opportunity to major in business. Why take that chance when you can go to a superior program at Kelley and rest assured you will be able to accomplish your dream?

Good luck to you!

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Apr 17, 2018

Thanks John for that very straightforward and honest reply. I definitely do get your point. I was also concerned about about the 'no so direct admission' in Wisconsin but surprisingly I thought Indiana as a University fared much much lower than Wisconsin. I was also told that in the first year its better to pursue a liberal arts program and then move onto something more specific like business.

Feb 3, 2020