Instead of watching a regular Hollywood flick for 1.5hrs, watch this instead.

Peter is the occam razor in slicing people open to reveal the truth.

This stunt was done almost half a decade ago during the Occupy WallStreet movement.

  • How has our society, and its people, changed since then (if any at all)?
  • What can be done about this to bring about more 'equality'?


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The problem with American society lies in the fact that there seems to be a great schism that's always been around, but is being exponentially accelerated by the internet and social media in our age: Liberalism vs. Conservatism.

In my opinion, liberalism's ultimate goal is to warp equality into an Atlas Shrugged sort of dystopia. The producers are expected to uplift and support the looters, simply because they have developed an edge and "already have enough." This dichotomy bewtween the two has become toxic and while OWS arguably had some debatably feasible grievances initially , it quickly became the embodiment of entitled laziness, rebellion against hard work, and the feasibility of American Socialism-- see Bernie Sanders' rise.

These days many Americans have become soft, sensitive, and weak. In my (conservative) opinion, they've lost everything that made them a proud American.


Let's picture today's US citizens living in 1830 as pioneers. Rather than setting out to conquer the frontier and accepting the risks if they failed or died without expecting anything from anyone, today's folks would be asking for a wagon subsidy to purchase their Schooner, government-sponsored insurance for their possessions, demanding the fair treatment of Indians while simultaneously exploiting their resources, and protesting the Oregon trail as an environmental hazard. Those who struck their claim in fertile lands would be labeled as opportunists and greedsters, and those who were too weak to make it would be hailed as SJ martyrs for "giving their best."

It's a sad state of things really and as a millennial, I'm disgusted regularly by my own generation. Of course, this is just a reflection on the boomers who apparently can't parent well--you damn hippies!

Sweeping generalizations, but you get the point.

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