Buy-Side Options / Low GPA

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I'm quite interested in the buy-side of Wall Street however, my issue is that I have a low GPA (3.05). Granted I still have a year to improve it and I go to the most prestigious school in Canada. However, which realm of finance would be least picky about GPAs?

Equity Research, S&T, Private Banking, Asset Management, etc.

Hopefully I could get some feedback. Feel free to rank accordingly. I have a passion for markets and I would love to be involved in one of these fields.

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Feb 18, 2013

check out 10xleverage's post about megafund recruiting for PE. But in general a low GPA reduces your options, but assuming you network well, have relevant internship experience and whatnot, you can land something.

Feb 18, 2013

Forget your GPA and figure out what area of finance that interests you. There have been greater victories in life than a 3.0 target kid getting an entry level finance job. Start networking and getting your name out there.

Feb 18, 2013

Good points Vi and Snakeplissken. I would be lying if I didn't say you were both correct. The issue is that, to be brutally honest, I am torn among a variety of fields.

Is there anything that really helped you figure out what you wanted to do?

Feb 19, 2013