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Currently I have a Mac that I have had for 6 years, no problems with it thankfully other than it is getting slow and I don't have the ram capabilities to model efficiently. I am looking to buy a new laptop and am currently messing around with the idea of a few different models. Think I need to get away from the Mac for microsoft capabilities. Looking at Lenovo X1 Carbon, Lenovo X1 Yoga, Microsoft Surface book 2 & Dell XPS 15. I have went through the forums and know that I need at least 16 GB ram and 512 GB SSD, but have any of you all had any experience with these models? Any insight is helpful. Beyond that, I figure I will tell you what I plan to do with it. Some financial modeling, some stock research, some academic research with Stata and bigger excel files, and selfishly a little online streaming.

Which model would you go with, what recommendations would you have for configurations and why?


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Jan 21, 2018

I recommend the Lenovo X1C6 - excellent notebook all around. Wait a couple of months for the X1C6, make sure you buy as much as your budget allows for RAM, CPU, and storage, in that order. X1 Yoga does exactly what the Carbon does, however it does offer the tablet compatibility at a higher price, so get it if you need it. Surface Book 2 and XPS 15 are out of the picture, both terrible computers.

Also, I own an X1C5 and the battery life and keyboard are amazing.

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Jan 21, 2018

Thanks for your help. I will check it out, especially on the timeline of release for the X1C6

Jan 21, 2018

Try the below link. I just got one myself and so far so good - MS Office works fantastically. And if you are using it for work purposes only, that should be sufficient. You can increase the RAM and SSD as needed.

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Jan 23, 2018

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