BX FT 2022

Think this is January start only, and the interview invites are being sent out - anyone have an eye on this?

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  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Oct 5, 2021 - 3:48pm

Did you automatically send an email to the generic campus email there with group preferences like the application asked for or did u guys wait to hear back from HR who asked u to submit groups?

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  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A
Oct 7, 2021 - 9:57am

Not everyone gets one, but a good amount does. Not sure about how many move forward from there, but from what I've heard, the process is pretty long in terms of the amount of interview stages (1st rounds, 2nd rounds, superday, and then final rounds with the senior guys), so they filter out people at each step.

Oct 8, 2021 - 8:13pm

I only did the pymetrics in the beginning of September and got nothing since (now I wonder if my results were even good). I spoke to an analyst at BX PE in London about 2 weeks ago and they said that they already interviewed someone that day. This means that they already started the process but not sure how far they are in it.

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Oct 21, 2021 - 3:24pm

Starting to think they may just not be hiring anyone for some of the private opportunities. People I know at BX didn't even know about these January start roles…

  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Oct 21, 2021 - 4:12pm

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