Calling all Hong Kong/related people

So i was just looking at the portfolio of Li Ka Shing. Cheung Kong Infrastructure is just mind boggling. It made my hair rise on my body when I figured out what the secret of Li Ka Shing's empire is (won't discuss here - finder's keepers).

I saw Buffett, Carlos Slim and Bill Gates using a few of the same things and I guessed these guys all have similar intellects in business.

Is Li Ka Shing the man in Hong Kong ? Is he held in high esteem or seen as a bond villain . I've always been fascinated with Hong Kong's old money. Some of them used to visit my city in my country for the Concour's D'Elegance, where the snazziest antique Bugattis, Duesenbergs, Packards, Rolls-Royces would be showcased.

I was smitten by the titan from Hong Kong and thought highly of HK's elite simply because of their refined and smart interests.

It wasn't until I saw Li Ka Shing's asset portfolio I understood just how first class the Hong Kong lot were. This man, very shrewd he is.