Can a b-school lower its reservation fees? I need help please!!

Hi everyone. I'm caught up in a wild dilemma and can't really find a way out. I would genuinely appreciate any help.

Right now I'm accepted into a master of finance programme in Europe. I have until next Tuesday to pay for the deposit, which is €8,300. It's a lot higher than expected. I had set aside only €6,000 because in my mind that's the average for European schools. Mind you, €6,000 is A LOT in my home country. Now I'm short €2,300 of funding.

As I said the currency in my home country is debased beyond recognition, it would take so much time to save those remaining €2,300, and I have only until Tuesday. The loan company (which will lend me the rest of the costs) doesn't pay for deposits.

I'm thinking about asking the school to lower the deposit to at least €6,000 so I can pay it and pay the rest in the form of tuition. I'm just not sure if this can be done, and to be perfectly honest I'm a bit embarrassed to do it.

Does anyone have insight on whether this is possible?


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Jan 8, 2022 - 5:04pm

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