Can banks monitor personal e-mail & web use of employees using Blackberry Mobility Work app?

I bought a new phone and just before trying to re-install Work app on my new device, I decided to briefly read over the terms of use as today was a slow day for me.

Under the terms of use, which all of us need to agree to gain access to mobility work app, I read something like this.

"I have no expectation of privacy with respect to my access to & use of the internet, personal, app/web-based email......."
"bank may automatically review and make copy of each webpage I view (make an image of)"
"monitoring can be done on all bank devices and on any personal devices (if the use relates to my access to or participation in the mobility program)"

Does this mean banks can see what you do on instagram/youtube/whatsapp if you install Work app on your personal cell phone?

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Mar 15, 2019

Honestly, I don't know but I assume that they can. Do you not have the option for a bank provided phone? At my bank, we can either have the company phone or use our personal phone with the installed blackberry app. Most go for the company phone to better separate their work and personal lives.

Mar 15, 2019