I just got my PhD in major of pharmaceutical fields from a research university ranked around 50 national wide and 30 for graduate school and 20 for my major ranking.
Have published 19 papers ( 7 first author ) and 15 presentations ( including offical published presentation)
GRE score is 570 for verbal, 790 for math and 4.5 for analytical writing, which was taken long time ago
since I am a foreign student I have my TOEFL socre 609.
GPA for under is about 3.5/4 (not in U.S) PhD is about 3.48/4
Currently I am a postdoc research fellow in a TOP 3 university and program ranked in 1# national wide. I am a mentor of 5 pre- med students and 1 master student. I have my own research projects.
Based on this information, I am wondering if there is any chance to break in this top consulting company and since I took these tests almost 7 yr ago, I dont think I have ETS offical score report now, I am just wondering how can I approve the scores that I filled up in the online application. Do I need to send photocopies of these score reports?

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Are you a foreign student at a top 3 American university for your Post Doc? Or are you trying to get an MBB job here and are at a top 3 university in your home country? I'd say it's near impossible breaking into MBB in the U.S. without an American MBA/American PHD, and that you might want to consider getting a graduate degree in business as consulting recruiting is very structured around this. However, MBB offices not in the U.S./Europe (Mexico, Brazil, India, etc) are much less competitive and could be easier to get into given your background.

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Thank you very much for you reply, I got my PhD in the states, from a research university ranked around around 50 national wide and 30 for graduate school and 20 for my major ranking. Now I am a postdoc in a top 3 university and top1 major in the states. I am permanent residence now. I am just fill tired in the research or to be a faculty later.

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