Can I make it as a summer analyst for AM, coming from Law and Politics?

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Hello everybody!

I am an aspiring analyst for the London market. I have a bachelor in law from a public European university and I am currently doing a master in political science at an elite institution in Belgium. I have worked as a trainee lawyer at a tier 1, but not internationally-recognised, law firm specialising in finance and banking regulation. I have also worked as financial journalist at a top newspaper of my country. I am thinking of asset management, because I would like to cultivate an investor mindset and creating my own business is at the back of my mind, but only in 10 years or so.

I would like your opinion on 1) my chances of landing a job. Your advice 2) on how I should go about doing my applications (of course I have started already and have gotten some HireVue interviews, but nothing past that yet). Was it also stressing for you? And lastly I would like to ask 3) if you think I should pursue more actively any other role in the finance world, according to my profile.

Your help is well appreciated.