Can I use old GPA because of emergency medical reasons?

Finals were last week and I was in the emergency room in the morning of my accounting exam (at night), getting several medications through an IV push, CT scans, etc.

I was forced to take the accounting exam even though I was in the ER whole morning because there was no specific document from a nurse that I was unable to take an exam that night. I had thought the miscellaneous ER documents would have been sufficient for the Dean to accept - clearly not. I did terribly on the exam, probably pushing the class grade to a low C, even a D.

Would it be inadvisable to list my GPA not counting the accounting class and then explain the circumstance later on? For instance, instead of a 3.4, I put a 3.6.

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If you have to ask, you should not do it

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Not sure why you got MS, but I agree with you, man.


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