Can Someone Clarify What the MD is Looking for in a Modelling Question?

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Background, I am finishing up my 2nd year full time investment banking. Recently I got a 1st round phone interview with private equity tech fund. At the end of the interview, the MD on the other end of the call gave me a couple of tasks to do:

  1. Pitch a stock in their field of interest
  2. Analyze 2 stocks in their current portfolio
  3. Analyze a stock of my interest.

She told me that I need to do these things and will "have a call next week" to discuss what I have done. She gave me an email to send any "work that I have done".

Couple of questions:

  1. Since its over the phone, what type of submissions do I need to make? Should I do a banking style pitch book for each topic plus a model?
  2. If its over the phone, do I have to go along my slides for each topic assuming I do a pitchbook?

The MD is giving me another hour on the phone next week to basically go over 4 pitches. At 15 minutes each, what should the content of my pitches be, and how would I go about presenting this to her?

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Dec 23, 2018