Can someone explain something about the Big 4?

First of all, what's the advisory service line? The four largest services offered from the Big 4 are audit, tax, consulting and advisory but what's advisory? Is it just financial advisory?

Second, is consulting part of the advisory service line?

Third, are their transaction advisory service or their corporate finance operations apart of the "advisory" service line or are they their own thing?

Lastly, the Big 4 offer legal, actuarial and risk management services so what service line would they be part of?

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Nov 3, 2018

Advisory is consulting and deals with risk management. Corporate finance would probably be under advisory, in which you're improving financial reporting and the information used by decision makers. Assurance deals with the audit and improving the audit.

You need to check out a Big Four website to get exact info

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Nov 4, 2018

Audit and tax are as they are.

Advisory covers a whole bunch of crap. But yes it also has deals in it so transaction services (Due diligence junk) and m&a teams are within the umbrella of advisory. But you'll also have things like real estate advisory, Infrastructure advisory etc under the advisory umbrella.

Management consulting can also be under advisory depends on the firm - and that covers a huge range of shit.

Nov 4, 2018