Can someone share their Multi-Family/Mixed-Use Acquisitions Due Diligence Checklist with me or better post it here for the group

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Does someone have a solid due diligence checklist for MF/Mixed Use acquisitions that they can share. A NYC focus would be ideal. Thanks.

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May 26, 2017

Current Rent Roll
Income and Expense Report - trailing 12 months
Income and Expense Report - prior 2 years
Aged Receivable Report
Budgets: current and prior year
Assocaition Documents
Utility Billing Reports - last 12 months
Summary of Capital Expenditures - current and last three (3) years
Standard Lease Form
General Ledger: current year and prior two years
All Utility Bills: previous two (2) years
Work Order History: prior 12 months
Unit Inspection Logs
5 Year Capital Budget
Current Payroll Summary (listing: employee, function, pay rate, hours, bonus/commission and length of employment)
Summary of Employee Benefits (type; insurance, vacation, etc.)

Revenue Agreements
Antenna and Roof Top Licenses
Cable Licenses
Marketing Agreements
Vending Agreements

Service Contracts
Operating Contracts (trash, laundry room, vending machine, landscaping, snow removal, fire and security alarm, pest contol, advertising, etc.)
Other Service Arrangements
Equipment Rental Agreements
Personal Property Inventory

Tax Bills
Tax Bills - past three (3) years plus current year
Tax Contest Information
Notices of Special Assessment
Other Taxes (Rental Income, Inventory, etc.)

Condemnation and Notices of Violation/Insurance
Threatened or Pending Litigation
Threatened or Pending Condemnation Action
Notices of Violation
Health Department Notices
Insurance Certificate
Insurance Loss Report: current and prior three (3) years

Environmental and Other Third Party Reports
Appraisal - most recent
Engineering Reports
ADA and FHA Reports
Termite/Bed Bug Reports
Fire/Life Saftey Reports
Phase I Environmental Reports
Phase II Environmental Reports
Wetland Reports & Permits
Soils Reports
Flood Plain Reports
Environmental Permits

Title and Survey
Most Recent Title Policy
Most Recent Survey
Subdivision Plats
Misc Recorded Plats
Any Threatened or Pending Litigation

Construction Documents/Warranties
Building Permits
Permanent Certificate of Occupancy
Record Drawings (i.e. construction drawings, as-builts, site plan, plans & specs, MEP, etc.)
Roof/Mechanical Warranties

Loan Documents for Debt to be Assumed
Promissory Note
Mortgage or Security Deed
Other Loan Documents
Payment Schedule
Escrows Held in Connection with Loan

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May 26, 2017