Can you move from Deal Strategy at PWC into PE? What are the most realistic exit opportunities?

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I have only managed to land a Deal Strategy role at PWC (awkward time of year to recruit, plus finding a visa sponsor in another country left me with only this choice).

I was wondering, would it be possible to go into Private Equity/VC after this? Otherwise, what are the most realistic exit opportunities? I have studied at Oxbridge for my undergrad.

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Jan 9, 2019

Are you in the UK? This can be quite country specific.
Assuming you are in the UK:
- If you want to go into a large / upper mid market fund: you need to move to BB/EB banking or consulting (MBB ideally)
- If you want to go into mid market / lower mid market fund: you may stay at PWC and then recruit

I started at KPMG Corporate Finance, moved to banking (Tier 1 BB) after 2 years, then moved to BB fund after 4 years of banking, so it is definitely doable

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Jan 9, 2019