*Canada Visa Update* Details with Introduction of USMCA

Bad news everyone... It doesn't look like the new USMCA trade deal will change anything with regard to the TN visas. Please see below from the CBC and Toronto Star, respectively:


"No new professionals visas

Another goal of Canada's negotiating team was to modernize the list of professions currently eligible for the special class of temporary work visas created under NAFTA known as TN (Trade National) visas.

It appears that list isn't changing and no commitments have been made to increase the number of TN visas issued by the United States, or to otherwise make it easier for citizens to work across North American borders."

Toronto Star:

"There were no changes related to "TN" visas for professional workers. Canada had wanted the list of eligible occupations expanded, while the U.S. had wanted it reduced; they settled on leaving it the same."

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Oct 1, 2018