Canadian Consulting Office structures

So according to my research, PwC's strategy arm i.e. Strategy& does not operate in Canada, neither does Monitor Deloitte (just Deloitte) nor EY-P (just EY).

So are strategy consulting positions even available in Canada? I will be applying for internships soon and was wondering if these strategy arms are integrated in Canada or operate in a different manner.

So if I want to apply for a strategy management internship at EY or PwC for example, will I simply apply to EY and PwC and will they have explicit internship openings for strategy consulting? Or does Canada have a different structure? Looking for some insight or any leads where I can find more about this. Most websites discuss the US offices and not Canadian.

Sidenote: Anyone know if OW recruits for interns in Canada?


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Jun 11, 2021 - 1:42pm

Solid research skills for someone looking to intern in Strategy Consulting. Monitor Deloitte and EY-P operate and hire in Canada too. 

Depending on which university you go to, these companies will likely post openings on your school's internal career page. I know Deloitte also posts them publicly. Expect to see them in the Fall with interviews ranging from Nov-Jan. 

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