Canadian Grad Schools Right After Graduation

US schools seem too expensive for me, and I think I would stay in canada despite the BB being in USA. I am at a non target and I want to break into banking and think by going to a grad program it will give me access to recruiters to help me break in. Know of any good programs?

So far this is what I am looking at:
York Schulich MFin
UToronto Rotman MFin
Waterloo Quantitative Finance
McMaster or Laurier Co op MBA

From what I heard a MBA is more valuable, but I know many top schools do not accept ppl straight after undergrad. I am more inclined to do a MBA because if I do not break into banking I can fall back on F500, though it does not seem like much in comparison. So I am left looking at tier two MBA programs or Master programs like MFin.

Advice guys? i am open to criticism