Canadian PE - which firms have spring and summer internship programs?

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Hi guys:

A quick question please - do you guys know which Canadian PE firms run spring internships (aside from PSP for Quebec schools), and what the timeline for these generally are please? Similar questions for summer - I've seen occasional postings from Brookfield - but is this something they often do?

Thank you!

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Nov 28, 2018

Hi CU04, don't worry, the WSO Monkey Bot is here.... I'm hoping one of these links will help find your answer:

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You're welcome.

Dec 1, 2018

All the pensions, CPPIB, AIMCO, Omers, BCI etc. for sure take summer interns (although a lot of places are either far into or done hiring for summer). Not sure how many of them take spring interns but generally any place that calls their interns co-ops for sure takes spring interns

Jan 2, 2019