Canadian school IBD SA 2010 Placements? Share them here!

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Hey guys,

For those in Canadian schools (Ivey/Queen/McGill/Schulich/UofT/Others), if you know your school's IBD SA placements numbers for 2010, post them here.

I'll start.

For McGill 2010:

1 BAML Toronto
2 BMO Capital Markets
2 CIBC World Markets
1 RBC Capital Markets
1 TD Securities
1 National Bank Financial
2-3 Barclays Capital (1 Calgary, 1-2 Toronto)
2 Morgan Stanley NYC
1-2 JP Morgan NYC
1-2 Citigroup NYC
1-2 CPP Private Equity
1-2 Boston Consulting Group

United States - Northeast

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Mar 21, 2010


Also, since when is BCG an investment bank?

Mar 21, 2010

lol dude, do you not have anything better to do on a Sunday...go grab a beer with your friends before you start work this summer

Mar 22, 2010

This seems like BS to me.
McGill places 20 SAs?

Jan 16, 2011

lol i call BULL SH*T on those numbers.

Jan 16, 2011

Haha his Peter kid is clearly insecure about his school, getting shitted on by UWO Ivey and Queens. No need to make up numbers kid, it's already fact that McGill is 2nd tier rofl

Jan 12, 2014