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I'm wondering which banks I should be reaching out to prior to January up here in Canada. I'm content with the networking I've done at the Big 5 and Merrill, but I haven't done anything outside of these places. Which global banks actually hire summer interns onto their trading floors in Toronto?


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Nov 23, 2010

Almost every securities firm and every bank have trading floors in Toronto. I assume it's the same story in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver but don't take my word for it.

Are you in a business program or economics? Of course they take non-engineering students but may not take someone pre-med for obvious reasons.

Nov 23, 2010

okay. I edited the question. So does Goldman/JPM/MS/etc. have summer intake for S&T in Toronto?

-philly g

Nov 23, 2010

Try Citi and GS - I've heard of them taking summers before. Dunno about JPM and MS.

Dec 6, 2010

With regards to some BBs in Toronto:

GS - From my conversation with a VP from their Toronto office; they don't have a desk in Toronto. All coverage and trading comes from NYC.

MS - Toronto S&T is very lean; don't think they've recently taken a SA. But I know they recently hired a new FT Analyst this summer to replace their outgoing analyst.

JPM - Similar to GS Toronto. Not sure if they even have a Toronto desk today. My friend works at a monster fund in Toronto and says there's no JPM desk in Toronto. He said all their coverage comes out of NYC.

Deutsche - Speaking with people from my alma mater, DB Toronto has steadily been hiring interns/co-ops for their Toronto office. I know they've been hiring for a Structured Products Sales co-op role. In recent history, they've also posted for their Toronto Money Market Trading Desk.

On that note, BBs are expanding "somewhat" in Toronto to enhance their client coverage in products that most of the Big 5s tend to be weak in (i.e. Emerging Market S&T). But from what I've heard around the street, the bulk of their hiring has come from picking up experienced hires for full-time (so not much on the SA front).

Hope this helps. Anyone, feel free to correct me if I'm a little off on anything.

Dec 6, 2010

DB hires 1-2 interns every 4 months.

Money Markets/OTC Fixed/Structured. Depends what is doing well what year.

I agree with everything else you said.

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Dec 7, 2010

I read that Barclays is opening up an office at the Bay Adelaide Centre in 2011.
Are they going to have a lot of positions open for interns? It seems like a big office.

Dec 7, 2010