Canadian Universities - comparison to US universities

Hey everyone, I was just wondering how you would compare Canadian universities (undergrad) to American universities for their business schools.

I didn't even consider applying to the US due to the cost of tuition - Canadian schools are much, much cheaper.

The main two universities I'm looking at are Queen's University and University of Toronto.

It seems international rankings are a bit misleading - UoFT (Toronto) ranks extremely high on such rankings, but I believe the reality might be different from such rankings - UoFT > Northwestern, Brown? I don't really think so.

International Rankings I looked at:(If you have any more, please post them!)

Queen's School of Business has been ranked the #1 business school outside of the US for 3 years in a row - business week magazine.

Thus, I'd like to hear your opinion on where these universities stand in a comparison to universities in the US.
Was it a mistake only applying to Canadian universities?