Canadian URM with US Green Card – MBA chances?

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Current age:26
Black Canadian with strong chance of obtaining US permanent residency prior to MBA


  • Undegrad: Top School but non target program GPA:3.1
  • Masters: Top school at a semi-target program GPA:3.6
  • Masters: Top non UK school at target program GPA:3.6
  • Masters were direct entry from undergrad and earned jointly.
  • GMAT:670 (May retake and aim for 700+)

Work experience:

Working at a top 3 telecom company in Canada in the marketing/innovation devision. Started a year go but on a accelerated path and I could hit manager status within a year. Wont be applying to mba until I have atleast 3-4 years under my belt though.

Strong ECs

  • Undergrad: Graduating class award in leadership + other run of the mill ecs
  • Masters: Started a business and won business of the year
  • National Scholarship related to URM
  • I have the potential to join the board of a URM association that is highly rated but unsure whether I wanted to dedicate time. May volunteer to give back regardless.

Target Schools

  • Duke
  • Kellog
  • CBs
  • Berkley

Dream school

  • HBS
  • Stanford

Target Post MBA roles

  • West coast Tech
  • MBB/Tier 2 consulting
  • Other rotational roles at places like Nike/Under armour etc

I have been advised to apply to the different diversity programs in the states before I apply to the MBA. I have reached out to the different programs and the only requirement is that I am an URM and a us permanent resident, nothing more. I don't know how I feel about that since I did not grow up in the states but alas it is an option.

My main concern is that by the time I ready to apply ill people 30/31ish and feel i may be considered too old for some of the programs.


Additional Background

When I attended university I initially was in kinesiology/physiotherapy/workingout because I was in love with the field (Still am) realized I could still be involved in this passion on the side so I switched in 3rd year to management program. It was the non targets business program at my school. I was really late to the part which is why I enrolled in the dual masters program because I felt I had to "Reset" my personal brand.

My girlfriend is currently in nursing school so no matter what happens I wont be applying for 3-4 years when I will be 29-31 years old. Our plan is to move to the states right after she is done her schooling. She will be looking nursing in the states as it is extremely easy to get a nursing contract/green card as a candian educated nurse.(I have already been in contact with different agencies on the matter) I would be receiving a green card by virtue of marriage.

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Nov 19, 2017