Cannot do IB hours anymore, total burnout - would much appreciate tips


Short background: I have been working as an IB analyst for around 1 year and 5 months at a BB in the Nordics. Graduated with a Master's from one of the top 5 Universities in Europe.I feel extremely exhausted as a result of the hours (as we all are, so not complaining) and COVID has just made it worse.

Currently I really feel I have come to a tipping point and would much appreciate any tips on career paths like VC / PE / Corporate, starting my own startup OR speaking to HR / staffer / MD about the hours / mental health and maybe come up with a short term solution like only working until 22:00 for a shorter period to recover and get on my feet again and enjoy my work slightly more than now?(Never hated IB but enjoyed it for a while, until the hours broke me down).

I am not the typical excel guy who enjoys sitting in sheets during the night crunching numbers or doing all admin work I am on right now (really not learning much at the moment at all). More of a creative / people's person who enjoy working with new ideas and projects as I am also really curious as a person in general.Also, I would really like to have my life back in change of a lower salary (if that would be the case) as I do not see it worth it at the moment. I am financially stable (no debts and supportive family) and did not enter for the money but admit prestige tricked me into IB.

However, I did and still do appreciate valuation and find it interesting from a more philosophical perspective, but the hours are destroying the interest (feel burnout at the moment after having done 09am-04am for a while before the summer). Had vacation during the summer but still don't feel I am on my feet again.

Really appreciate serious advice as I have no energy in what I am doing now…totally burnout / anxious and need to change something.

It's taking on my mental health for every day and I am becoming quite desperate.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Sep 14, 2021 - 11:38pm

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