I was curious to know if anybody knew anything about Capco. Are they considered strategy/management or is this another auditing/IT firm?
...I do know their company is based out of europe and is making a presence in the USA, their job ads claim that they have recruited senior members of McKinsey, Accenture, and BearingPoint to lead their efforts in USA....and they often compete with the top firms for business. They focus exclusively on the financial services industry.

heres the website...

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An "upcoming boutique" is one who is founded by a former secretary of treasury, an ex-goldman president, or a UBS rainmaker, NOT by a dude who looks like a sexual predator and isn't even prestigious enough to list his alma mater in his bio.


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maybe up & coming boutique is the wrong choice of words, what I meant is what could this firm be offering that Mckinsey/Accenture folks are leaving their firms for this place?


capco is a tech consulting firm specifically catering to fin. service industry...i doubt they are taking guys away from any top consulting firms, from what i hear its all guys who have been laid off from bearing point...they may compete on some contracts/jobs, but lets be honest nobody knows of them from my understanding

Anybody know anything more about them, people that work there, etc.?


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