Who does more strategy work in Life sciences... Deloitte, PwC or Capgemini in CA ?

A) I recently got an offer for Capgemini LS without sign-on bonus but all other offers have a sign on bonus. The base pay are also slightly different. Does this say anything about Capgemini and their increments going forward.

B) I want to do more strategy work ...what do you guys recommend of the three..

Thanks !!!

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capgemini = tech implementations

deloitte and pwc are on par..i personally would pick pwc they're on a buying spree and just bought PRTM, an excellent strat firm (ops based) but has stellar brand

Financial Modeling


Is Capgemini Life Sciences gaining traction ? They seem to have won more consulting awards in LS.


HELP HELP!!!! CLock is ticking...

Any insight here.


why did you delete my comment asking you if you're from ga tech? it's a valid question that's relevant in answering your original question


oh Didnot realise that. I thought of it as spam

No I am not. thanks

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